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This seven month course is designed for Yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their practice by experiencing Yoga as a complete study that incorporates both the physical “asana” practice with yogic lifestyle techniques, (pranayama breath control, yogic diet, ethics and morality) as well as yogic philosophical study and meditation. Major emphasis will also be put on how to actually “teach” or share the practice of yoga including giving adjustments, sequencing, healing, and verbal queuing. The course also includes a mountain retreat which will give students a chance to deepen their practice with the power of nature.

Upon completion of this course and all requirements you will become certified at the 200-hour level of yoga instruction, and eligible to apply for registration with the Yoga Alliance. (course currently pending YA approval)

Deepen your practice, connect with the tradition:

All have to apply (application below)


Every other Wednesday from 6:15-9:15pm, starting January 25th

(includes Andrew's class)

Weekend dates are Saturdays & Sundays, both days 8am-4pm:

January 28 & 29

March 4 & 5

March 25 & 26

April 29 & 30

May 20 & 21

June 24 & 25

July 29 & 30

Retreat is August 25-27

This training is limited to 16 people. Apply now :)


Asana You will learn correct alignment and to teach Standing Poses, Back Bends/Forward Bends, Twists, Balancing Poses, Inversions, (shoulder stand, headstand, and forearm balance) Floor Poses. 

: You will study and master 3 Classical sequences for teaching and then learn to create your own variations of these sequences 1. Taoist Yoga Warm Up sequence for all levels 2. Dharma Vinyasa Yoga Inspired (Surya and Shiva Namaskar) 3. TKV Desikachar breath based sequence :

Teaching Methodology: -
Observing Class -Assisting in Class -Verbal Adjustments -Physical Adjustments -Using Music and Sequencing -Teaching Beginners vs. All Levels, Finishing Sequence Methodology, How to lead a centering.

Yogic Lifestyle
: -Seven Ayurvedic Lifestyle Habits to be learned and practiced one per month. Yogic Diet and Nutrition. Yogic Cleansing and Fasting techniques. Pranayama Breathing Techniques. Spiritual Bowing. Sitting Meditation. Kirtan and Ecstatic Chant. 

Yogic Philosophy: 
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Philosophy of Mind, Tao Te Ching,  Healing Chakra and Kosha System, aka the 5 bodies.

Healing Methodology and Philosophy
-Principles of Ayurveda, 3 Principles of Taoist Energy and Healing, 5 Element Healing Technique, Chakra Healing Technique, Healing Hands Training

Life Coaching:
 Setting goals and keeping them, Habit changing practice, Conscious Communication practice.

Elements3 200hr YTT Application Form

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