Bridget Keller

The long journey I’ve been on to know myself, has now brought me to yoga and coaching. A Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Healer, the work I do is an amalgam of the two disciplines. My approach to healing and transformation flows naturally from my belief that we can know ourselves and we can keep the promises we make to ourselves. I allow for big dreaming, and enjoy going deep. I facilitate a transformational process where my intuition supercharges deep exploration to build awareness, support clearing and allow for shifts to occur naturally. My training as a coach brings things down to earth, with skills, tools and real-time support to create forward movement. In a session with me, I will question you, challenge you and hold you accountable — and I will champion you, encourage you, and acknowledge your brilliance. In every session, I will reflect back to you the vision you create through the work we do, and I will not let you give up on yourself. I promise we will work hard — and you will love it!

Bridget Keller instructs the following:
  • Movement and Mindfulness
  • This class is a mindful movement class, appropriate for anyone to attend. Gentle enough for beginners, with the element of mindfulness, it can be found helpful and enjoyable for any yogi :)